Pittsburgh Disability Attorney Explains Common SSD Errors

Pittsburgh disability attorney explains common errors in Social Security Administration disability determinations

In my work as a Pittsburgh disability attorney, I spend a good deal of time trying to overturn the Social Security Administration’s erroneous denial of a client’s claim for disability benefits. Some examples of erroneous reasons for denial are:

  • Your impairment was deemed “not severe”;
  • The Social Security Administration did not consider additional impairments;
  • Your pain was improperly evaluated;
  • The Pennsylvania state agency did not gather evidence showing your impairment meets the Listings;
  • The state agency relied on your years of formal schooling to establish your educational level, but, in fact, your actual educational level is much lower; and
  • Inconsistencies in the Social Security Administration forms and other paperwork you filed in support of your claim.

One of the most common reasons the Social Security Administration erroneously denies benefits is that the state agency overestimates the claimant’s “residual functional capacity.” In layman’s terms, your “residual functional capacity” is your ability to function –- to sit, stand, walk, bend, stoop, lift, carry, manipulate objects –- in spite of the limitations caused by your medical condition. In the case of an erroneous denial of Pittsburgh Social Security disability benefits, the state agency may have determined, for example, that you are capable of “medium” work when, in fact, you are limited to “light” work. Depending on your age, this change in your residual functional capacity may lead to a finding of “disabled.”

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How can a Pittsburgh disability attorney help?

There are many ways a Pittsburgh disability attorney can try to overturn an erroneous denial of benefits. For example, if your claim was denied based on an inflated residual functional capacity, as described above, your Pittsburgh disability attorney can obtain medical opinion evidence and other evidence to demonstrate your true residual functional capacity. As another example, one of the first things I do for my Pittsburgh disability clients is review their forms and other paperwork line by line, to make sure they have provided complete, accurate and consistent information to the Social Security Administration; if inconsistencies in the paperwork resulted in a denial of benefits, I work to resolve those inconsistencies and to make the Social Security Administration aware of the error in its analysis.

Free Case Review

The Social Security Administration is a large government bureaucracy and, like all large organizations, it makes mistakes. A Pittsburgh disability attorney, who is familiar with the workings of the Social Security Administration, the language of the rules and regulations, and the common pitfalls for the unwary, can ferret out any mistakes and help you take the most effective steps to address and correct them. If you would like a review of your claim for Pittsburgh Social Security disability benefits, please complete the Free Claim Evaluation form to the right.

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